Sanders to air informative TV advertisement

One of two new commercials to hit the airwaves in Iowa and New Hampshire this weekend focuses on the ‘rigged’ economy, and how it works.

“Most new wealth flows to the top one percent. It’s a system held in place by corrupt politics,” Sanders says in the ad.

“Join us for real change.”

This, and the other new TV spot will begin airing in Iowa and New Hampshire on Saturday, the campaign said in a statement.

One Reply to “Sanders to air informative TV advertisement”

  1. Senator Sanders is the true leader the United States must have to fight against a corrupt system of government. He will end the influence of big bucks on our elected public servants. They will start to think rationally again instead of passing and voting in bills that are in the interest of the top 1% only. If this corruptness is allowed to continue, it will be disastrous for our economy as well as the majority of Americans. Our elected public servants already receive a generous salary from tax payers. I am sure the founders of our government would agree that The “legal bribery money” must halt because it deters good judgement. Bernie is a fighter for building a strong middle class. Bernie Sanders is kind, loyal, honest, humble, energetic, authentic, intelligent, experienced, trustworthy, and passionate about helping every child succeed in this country, thus building a stronger USA for future generations. Bernie Sanders has all the qualities and abilities of a true leader. So, think about the reasons you would vote otherwise. My vote is for true leadership. I will support Bernie Sanders all the way to the White House as president of our country.

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