Crowd goes crazy for Sanders at Iowa dinner

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke to an enthusiastic crowd at the Iowa Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson dinner on Saturday night.

“Thank you, Iowa,” Sanders said to the crowd of screaming supporters, following a rousing introduction from Iowa Democratic Party chair Andy McGuire.

To kick off his speech, Sanders thanked President Obama and Vice President Biden for their work in making progress to fix the United States economy.

Each sentence was followed by passionate cheering and applause from supporters in the crowd. Sanders supporters were waving around campaign rally signs, glow sticks, and home-made LED signs.

Senator Sanders spoke on several key issues, including campaign finance reform. “I promise you, that no nominee of mine to the Supreme Court will be voting to support Citizens United, they will be voting to overturn Citizen United,” Sanders proclaimed.

The independent Senator quickly moved to discuss his campaign for the presidency. “Hundreds of thousands of volunteers in every state in this country are working hard, including 7,000 here in Iowa,” Sanders said.

“Today, I can tell you, and I am very proud of this, we have raised more individual contributions than any candidate in this history of this country, at this point in a campaign.”

“The great political experts, they’ve said in this day and age, that you cannot win a campaign if you do not have a Super PAC,” the Senator said.

“I’m the only Democratic candidate for president who does not have a Super PAC, and we are going to prove the experts wrong, because we are going to win this campaign.”

Sanders finished by discussing some of the difficult decisions and choices he has had to make in his career as a Mayor, a congressmen and a Senator. He said he was proud to be one of the few members of congress who opposed the Defense of Marriage Act.

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  1. Thanks for all the posts, tweets, Facebook comments, Google+ love, etc tonight everyone. #IDPJJ was the hashtag for the night, and we did pretty well to share Bernie’s message and not allow establishment trolls to astroturf our grassroots movement. It takes eternal vigilance on everyone’s part to keep this going.

    Bernie was the clear winner tonight, but we have to make sure we have his back both online and in the real world. This political revolution won’t happen unless WE MAKE it happen.

  2. you know how if you see a meme with Morgan Freeman pictured you hear his voice while reading the meme? I do that when I read any article that has direct quote by our president to be, Bernie Sanders! I read the quote and in my head I hear Bernie’s voice!! lol please tell me I’m not the only one!!!

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