Sanders draws thousands in Springfield

Bernie Sanders spoke to a crowd of thousands of supporters in Springfield, Massachusetts on Saturday afternoon.

As Sanders took to the stage, the enthusiastic crowd took to their feet and cheered him on.

In his speech to the crowd of roughly 6,000 supporters, Sanders touched on ending mass incarceration, creating jobs, rebuilding the middle class and building a campaign for the 99%.

Senator Sanders also touched on foreign policy, saying that the United States should resolve disputes with other countries without going to war.

On education, Sanders said, “in the midst of an educational crisis, we don’t fire teachers, we hire them!”

The Springfield rally was the first of two in Massachusetts, as Bernie Sanders prepares to address a huge rally in Boston tonight.

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  1. Imagine, a politician who is true to his ideals, even when they are not popular; one who stays the course, keeps true to himself, and seizes the right moment when the US public is of the right mind to accept his radically different message.

    This politician speaks plainly, has an answer to every question, and is magnificently convincing because he is sincere and well-practiced in his delivery, in his positions, in his unabashed embrace of a political philosophy that had been decried as “radical” and “fringe” and “out of the
    mainstream” for the past decades.

    Suddenly, this politician gains traction with the Common Man, who appreciates his honesty, understands his outrage, and has had enough of the “mainstream” political philosophy that has simply stopped working for America. He leads what quickly becomes a political “Revolution” that
    dramatically changes the political landscape in America …

    Yes of course I am talking about Ronald Reagan.

    But I think the same holds true for Bernie. He has spent decades in the wilderness. He has endured the long period in which “liberal” was a dirty epithet, and “socialism” even worse. But his time has arrived, and I would bet that we will see “Bernie Republicans” come out and
    support him.

    And after all, why not? Bernie represents the economic interests of what we used to call “Reagan Democrats” – every one of his positions enjoys strong majority support among ALL Americans, regardless of party affiliation.

    Bernie is running against a woman with a LOT of baggage, and one who is beholden to what Bernie calls the “billionaire class” … just as Reagan was able to dismiss GHW Bush, Bob Dole, John Anderson and others as ”too liberal” and corrupt during the 1980 GOP Primary, Bernie will also be able to sell himself, ultimately, as “the real deal” – with Hillary being just too conservative and corrupted by her billionaire friends on Wall Street and K Street.

    Yes, my friends, the pendulum is finally swinging. We thought we were seeing a sea change with Obama – but he turned out to be just another opportunistic politician. Bernie is the clear-eyed, consistent, unabashed Liberal that America will love.

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