Was Sanders just endorsed by Donna Brazile?

The political strategist and commentator made this tweet on Wednesday night, which caught the eyes of Democrats nationwide.

The vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee posted this tweet.

Supporters of both Sanders and Clinton were quick to respond, with one Clinton supporter tweeting that Bernie Sanders was “worse than Trump,” and not a Democrat.

Perhaps Brazile was just offering equal commentary to leading candidates.

However, the chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been criticized for allowing only six Democratic presidential debates this cycle. Brazile has yet to make her position clear on allowing more debates.

13 Replies to “Was Sanders just endorsed by Donna Brazile?”

  1. Hilary was born and raised republican. she was the president of the Young Republicans, and only left when they disagreed on CIVIL issues. she is still economically a republican, bought and paid for by corporate america and the big banks. look ather VOTING RECORD, she VOTEs like a republican! Benrie is the only candidate NOT FOR SALe and representing the working class!

    1. Wow Brian, did you ever scrape the bottom of the barrel for that one. I guess if I supported your candidate, I’d be hard pressed to find anything of substance to recommend him. But still, do you have any idea how pathetic you sound? And by extension, your candidate? With help like yours, He’ll be lucky to keep his Senate seat.

      1. No Sophie, the fact that Bernie is not for sale and represents the working class is exactly why we love him and makes him the only one worthy of the Presidency!
        Those 2 qualities are 100% substantive, so no more is necessary. There is nothing that could be more important than representing the people for a change. Sure as hell there is not one other candidate in it for that reason, only for their own egos and their wallets.

        1. Bernie is very much for sale–watch him brag about his contributions. P.S. Billionaire David Geffen is funding him and so is Google, Inc. This is going to be fun watching you rationalize that.
          P.S. He is no champion of the working class. Big difference between rhetoric and action.

          You really do sound brainwashed. I don’t think I can converse with you any more. Siri has more original thoughts than you.

          1. Having voted for him for nearly two decades, I can unequivocally state that Bernie is true to his ideals and has never been “for sale.” You should read up on him. You might enjoy supporting a candidate that you don’t have to be ashamed of.

  2. Feel the Bern! Hillary still has not learned that her negativity is what lost her the last election with Obama! We need someone who is going to stop citizens united and someone who is willing to stop corporate welfare and introduce a single payer healthcare system! Bernie is our man!

    1. Sounds like you have NEVER EVER listened to Hillary and are getting all of your information from the Bernie bubble. Hillary is the most positive candidate and has real workable policy plans. Bernie is a big complainer with absolutely no workable solutions. So, if you like complaining (and it seems that most of his supporters do), then Bernie’s your man. But if you really want to fix things, take some time to listen to Hillary.

      1. I have listened to Hillary you are the one not paying attention, she has done nothing but vote the same as the Republicans, she voted for the war in Iraq, she voted for the patriot act, she was for the XL pipeline but realized the Dem base wants a cleaner environment! Maybe you should start looking at her record and stop wanting to vote for the first woman president instead of someone who will vote for true change instead of doing what the corporations want or someone who won’t take campaign donations from corporations! Bernie is the one who has been consistent when it comes to Progressive thinking! You really need to start paying attention before its too late!

        1. Incredible. You say you’ve been listening to Hillary then you rattle off a bunch of talking points that prove you haven’t. Are you a big fat liar or just a victim of your own ignorance?

          You need to educate yourself.

          1. Sophie talking points? her voting record speaks for itself, she is a Republican. She is no Democrat or Progressive with a voting record that she has that is all the proof I need! Bernie is consistent unlike Hillary, you are just as dumb as Republican.Also you sound like you are voting for just because she is a woman, hate to break your bubble but the first woman president will be Elizabeth Warren not Hillary!

          2. You have offered nothing but ad hominem attacks. Understandable as there’s nothing to offer to counter the points we’ve raised.

      2. Hillary consulted pollsters and focus groups before choosing a family vacation in order to find which destination would most endear her to voters. Nothing genuine about her.

      3. I seen Hillary vote for the patriot act, she voted for the war in Iraq, she has voted more conservatively then Jeb Bush would have, this is truth.

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