Sanders close to lead in West Virginia

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders trails Hillary Clinton by just 4 per cent in poll of likely West Virginian voters.

The poll, conducted by Prism Surveys showed that 36 per cent of likely voters supported Clinton, while 32 per cent supported Bernie Sanders. The poll’s margin of error was 3.21 per cent. It was conducted on the 21st of August.

The poll also pointed to some challengers for Sanders. Almost all respondents said they recognized Hillary Clinton, while just a third knew who Bernie Sanders is.

8 Replies to “Sanders close to lead in West Virginia”

    1. Yeah, these guys are mellow now and it isn’t hip to mention the more than one hundred million murders they have done in the last 98 years. Betnie is so old he was able to mentor the early hippies with his. late beat wisdom.

    2. Yes, and these name recognition numbers show that Bernie is the one with the greatest potential for growth. Go Bernie! #feelthebern

  1. WOW ! And this being a totally conservative state. I know race played a role in the last two elections in this state. However, there’s still the working class progressivism that Bernie shares.

  2. That’s not a challenge; it’s an OPPORTUNITY. Just as in polls in other states, once Bernie gets some recognition, his poll numbers will increase. Hillary’s have no place to go but down because everyone knows who she is.

  3. I really can’t understand why this poll result hasn’t received a LOT more attention by now. I think the implications are major.

    During the 2008 primaries, Hillary did especially well against Obama among working-class Southern white folks. That’s much of the West Virginia demographic. Yet here is Bernie Sanders – a progressive democratic socialist from the Northeast – who has pulled up to near parity with Hillary, in what is a very conservative Southern state, a good five months before the primary season even begins, despite still having low general name recognition.

    So the obvious question is: If he’s doing this well, this early, in this state, under such constrained conditions, what does it suggest about Bernie’s ability to overpower Hillary here within the next three months or so? And couldn’t these same conclusions reasonably be extrapolated to other, nearby states that share somewhat similar demographics? I’m looking at you, South Carolina. And you, North Carolina. And you, Georgia. And you, Virginia.

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